General Doukov: "Udachi vam, molodyye devushki. (Good luck to you, young lady.)"

The Raccoon: "Vy tozhe, serom. (You too, sir.)"

--General Doukov cooperating with the Raccoon during the final assault on Metropolis.

General Vasili Doukov
Age 56
Nationality Russian
Affliations Spetsnaz Alfa Group
Rank General
Appears in DC's United
Alignment Good

General Vasili Doukov is the main commanding officer of the Russian forces and one of the supporting protagonists of the animated film DC's United. Doukov was commissioned by the Russian president Ivan Volodin, an ally of Mexico's president Agostino Saleno, to join in helping the League in countering terrorist threats of Nova Imperium. He is voiced by

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