"Her? I ain't puttin' my ass on the line. I heard this kid's a helluva lot clever than our best SEALs."

--The Wolf talking to the Defector about the Raccoon. (He was at first reluctant at his mission to assassinate the Raccoon.)

The Wolf is a SEAL Team Six operative and sleeper agent and an antagonist in the animated film DC's United. He is under the command of the Defector, a retired Navy SEAL and a contact of Salandez, and was authorized to kill the Raccoon and subjugate all J-SOC units under Salandez's command. Not much of his identity is known. He is voiced by

The Wolf
SOG Lightweight Stakeout BO

The Wolf as a Navy SEAL.

Full name Classified
Age Classified
Nationality American
Affliations The Defector (commander), SEAL Team Six, Imperium (SEAL sleeper agent)
Rank Commander
Appears in DC's United
Alignment Evil


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