The Defector

The Defector as a SOG operative during the Vietnam War.

Full name Unknown
Nationality American
Affliations MAC-V SOG (defected after 1968), Imperium (aquainted with Salandez in Brazil), SEAL Team Six (sent sleeper agents to assassinate the Raccoon
Rank Classified
Age Classified (retired)
Appears in DC's United
Alignment Evil

The Defector is a major antagonist in DC's United. He was a former SOG operative who defected after betraying his squad and stealing the Novium technology they found inside Soviet quarters in an unknown Vietcong hideout. Not much is known about him, but according to Robin, he was a Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War. He betrayed and killed his commanding officer along with the rest of the squad that doesn't follow his direct orders. It is rumored that he sold the Novium cybertechnology to El Amante in Nicaragua.

Many years later, he is revealed to have been directing orders to sleeper agents within SEAL Team Six in an attempt to assassinate the Raccoon.

The Defector currently owns a villa in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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