SEAL Team Six

A SEAL Team Six operative in combat.

Type J-SOC counter-terrorist unit
Country United States
Branch United States Navy
Appears in DC's United

SEAL Team Six is a J-SOC counter-terrorist unit and a highly trained, classified branch of the U.S. Navy SEALs. They are an overall protagonistic faction in the animated film DC's United, but during the film, the League suspects distrust from the SEALs after learning that they are supposedly attempting to assassinate the Raccoon, and threatens sanctions that could kick the SEALs out of the New Watchtower. After it is revealed that a former SOG operative called the Defector engineered this assassination attempt and dispatched a sleeper agent to execute the assassination, the League allowed SEAL Team Six to maintain a presence in the New Watchtower.

The SEALs also aid in the defense against a full-scale PMF assasult in the New Watchtower.


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