"Let's see how well you can survive without your head."

Raccoon Empress
Real name Cristina Alvarez Hoyas
Age 19
Nationality Mexican
Appears in DC's United: Liberation
Alignment Evil

--Raccoon Empress to Superboy during his captivity.

The Raccoon Empress is an alternate, and evil version of the Raccoon and the main antagonist of the alternate timeline film DC's United: Liberation. According to this alternate timeline, the Raccoon became influenced by the force of fear, making her obsessed with power, which eventually made her the "unquestionable leader of nations." Lazaro Ibarra and Camilla Torreon remain loyal to her, while Federico Delgado led the resistance to attempt to overthrow the power-hungry Empress. She is still voiced by Tara Strong.

Chapter 1: OvertakenEdit

"You live today. Pero, eso dia, muerete. (But, this day, you die.)'"

--Raccoon Empress confronting Aquagirl.

Chapter 2: TyrannyEdit

Cristina, now the newly crowned Raccoon Empress, executes her plans to exile all those who would be suspected to pose any opposition.

Chapter 3: InsurrectionEdit

Chapter 4: RevolutionEdit

Chapter 5: The War for LibertyEdit

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