Navy Special Regiment (NSR)

An NSR operative in combat.

Type Special operations, counter-terrorism unit
Leader Cristina Hoyas/The Raccoon (commander)
Country Mexico
Branch Mexican Navy
Appears in DC's United

The Navy Special Regiment (NSR) are a special operations and counter-terrorism unit of the Mexican Navy. They are mainly seen fighting against the PMF in Mexico and against other pro-Nova Imperium threats in Nicaragua. The Raccoon is the commander of the NSR.

NSR Special Purpose TeamEdit

The NSR also has an elite branch called the Special Purpose Team, which consists of highly trained operatives that are trained in the Raccoon's combat skills, weapons expertise, as well as psychological warfare and arts of deception.

The NSR Special Purpose Team are first mentioned in helping the Nicaraguan army fight against the PLMR.

The Special Purpose Team forms a joint operation with the U.S. Army's Delta Force and Russian forces during a final attempt to kill/capture Franco Vereza.


Notable MembersEdit

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