This is a list of episodes of the first season of Outlaws

Episode listEdit

1. "Dia del Sol

Cristina Alvarez Hoyas, a 16-year-old popular cheerleader, shows her true potential in the tough world she lives in at her hometown of San Rafael in northwestern Mexico. 

2. "Injustice

Cristina witnesses civil insurrection in San Rafael as military forces begin to show signs of injustice towards ordinary civilians. 

3. "The Coup: Part 1

A coup takes place in Mexico City. Ultranationalist military forces led by General Alejandro Velasquez suddenly arrested and executed the President of Mexico and seized control over the federal district. 

4. "The Coup: Part 2

The coup reaches San Rafael, and Cristina struggled to survive in a . After hearing of her father's arrest, she dons a new costume for herself, and by nightfall, she becomes a masked assassin: the Raccoon

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