"Sombra uno, sombra dos, y sombra tres. (Shade one, shade two, and shade three.)

--The Raccoon mocking their numbers.

Las Sombras
Full names

Valentina Castillo ("Sombra 1"), Gabriela Rosales ("Sombra 2"), Anarosa Navarez ("Sombra 3")

Ages 22 (Valentina), 20 (Gabriela), 18 (Anarosa)
Nationality Mexican
Aquianted with Captain Emiliano Torres
First appearance
Alignment Evil

Las Sombras is the name of a group referring to three acrobatic and martial-art specialists, Valentina Castillo, Gabriela Rosales, and Anarosa Navarez, who are trying to destroy the Raccoon's reputation and take it as their own by impersonating as the masked assassin herself, and wrecking as much havoc as they can. They are also some of the Raccoon's main rivals and supporting antagonists of the second season of Outlaws.

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