La Rapierra
Alter alias Arianna Torres
Age 20
Rank Corporal (formerly)
Weapons M4A1 carbine/M9 handgun (502nd Regimente Fuerzas Especiales), Rapier-and-dagger combination (as La Rapierra)
Allegiance 502nd Regimente Fuerzas Especiales, Mexican Army (formerly)
Alignment Good 

Arianna Torres a.k.a. La Rapierra is one of the Raccoon's allies. A niece of the feared Captain Emiliano Torres, Arianna starts out as a corporal in the Mexican Army, and serves part-time in active duty in Emiliano's unit, the 502nd Regimente Fuerzas Especiales. However, she grows very disillusioned by her uncle's aggressiveness and unconventional tactics, so she left the army against Emiliano's wishes. With her military obligations put to rest, Arianna then takes up a career of bounty hunting in her new alias "La Rapierra", a rogue assassin that became widely known for her assassination and combat prowess involving her skilled use of a deadly combination of a Spanish rapier and dagger. 

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