"You have a huge price in your head, you know."

--El Carnificero threatening to kill the Raccoon with a machete.

El Carnicero
Full name Gustavo Moreno
Age 32
Nationality Mexican
Aquainted with Captain Emiliano Torres
First appearance Into the Meat Grinder (season 2, episode 15)
Alignment Evil

Gustavo Moreno a.k.a. El Carnicero is one of the Raccoon's rivals and a supporting antagonist in the second season of Outlaws. He is a notorious bounty hunter in Puebla, Mexico under the employment of military authorities, who murders revolutionary officers, making him a mercenary for the regime. He is most noted for his use of machetes as melee weapons, something the Raccoon feels uncomfortable fighting against someone with such a weapon. He is voiced by

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