DC's United: Liberation is an upcoming animated film, featuring the rise of Raccoon Empress, a power-possessed monarch born out of a fear-consumed Cristina. The plot takes place when DC's United was supposedly to take part, but this story covers the Justice League's struggle to bring down who was supossed to be their ally and friend. Liberation is divided into five chapters.


Chapter 1: OvertakenEdit

The Raccoon becomes corrupted by a mysterious energy of fear imbued within a talisman. The League attempts to bring her to her senses, but after several months, the Raccoon starts using this newfound power to rally support for a "new cause", and eventually, she was crowned Empress.

Chapter 2: TyrannyEdit

Three years have passed, and the Raccoon, now the newly-crowned Raccoon Empress, has built an empire consisting of the world's superpowers monopolizing its control over all other nations. In the meantime, Raccoon Empress has declared war against the Justice League.

Chapter 3: InsurrectionEdit

The League agrees to give aid to local resistance groups, led by none other than Federico Delgado, to take out the imperial inner circle, led by Camilla and Ibarra, in order to raise opposition against the Empress.

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