DC's United is an upcoming animated film. It continues the Raccoon's story that takes place after the ending of the third season of Outlaws. The Raccoon has to aid the Justice League against a cyberterrorist threat that aims at raising civil insurrection.


Prologue: French-Belgian borderEdit

A mysterious black operations task force led by agents Alvarado and Mendez infiltrate a high-security NATO prison somewhere in the French-Belgian border. Their mission--sabotage the NATO prison system. Their priority--free HVI Ramiro Salandez. Alvarado and Mendez successfully freed Salandez, who calmly said in Spanish "You're late."

Present-Day: The New WatchtowerEdit

List of CharactersEdit

  1. The Raccoon (main protagonist)

Justice LeagueEdit

  1. Batman
  2. Green Lantern
  3. Martian Manhunter
  4. Green Arrow
  5. Batgirl
  6. Robin
  7. Nightwing
  8. Aqualad
  9. Artemis
  10. Blue Beetle
  11. Kid Flash
  12. Miss Martian
  13. Supergirl
  14. Static Shock
  15. Brainiac 5
  16. Steel
  17. Black Canary
  18. Red Arrow
  19. Zatanna

Nova LumenEdit

  1. Ramiro Salandez (leader and main antagonist)
  2. Marco Alvarado
  3. Santiago Mendez
  4. Pedro Silva
  5. The Defector
  6. The Wolf
  7. Ramon Cortes

Supporting CharactersEdit

  1. Silvio Hoyas
  2. Camilla Torreon
  3. Federico Delgado
  4. Lazaro Ibarra
  5. Kazim Mayala
  6. Sportsmaster
  7. Firefly
  8. Wildcat
  9. Mike McRaven
  10. Colonel Enrique Torrijos
  11. Abdullah Fahir
  12. El Amante
  13. General Vasili Doukov
  14. President Ivan Volodin
  15. President of the United States
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