• Vladimirdimakiril
    1. Rookies
    2. Novium
    3. Cybertech Raccoon
    4. Sparring with Black Canary
    5. Guts to Kill
    6. Russian Intervention
    7. Batman Lectures The Raccoon
    8. "Spanish Lesson

    Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, Aqualad, Artemis, Steel, etc. are initiated into the Justice League.

    The Raccoon clashes with one of her enemies, El Amante, and upon defeating him, she uncovers a plot concerning cybertechnology.

    Upon her first arrival to the New Watchtower, the Raccoon proves that she is the only one capable of hacking into the cyberstructure, which was supposedly inpenetrable.

    An overconfident Cristina takes on Black Canary, but was ultimately defeated.

    The Raccoon confronts Batgirl, to whom she starts revealing much about her life as a killer and her use of terror tactics.

    During a mission in Bludhaven,…

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