Andrei Vikharenko
Age 34 (Warfront), 57 (Outlaws)
Nationality Russian
Gender Male
Born Caucasus Mountains, Russia
Died killed by Emiliano (aged 57)
Speaks Russian
Appears in Warfront, Outlaws (season 3)
First appearnace Gallant Wolves
Alignment Warfront (evil), Outlaws (neutral)

Vikharenko: (laughs) "I know you're Cristina. From San Rafael. And I know they bought you in because they can't keep its own men alive. How many is it now? Hmm?" (laughs)

(The Raccoon chokes Vikharenko)

The Raccoon: "Nice laugh. Heard it from a bunch of dead men on the field."

--Vikharenko tormenting the Raccoon during interrogation

Andrei Vikharenko is a Russian arms dealer and the main antagonist of the movie Warfront and a neutral character in Outlaws.


"Volki idti tuda kuda oni pozhelayut. (Wolves go wherever they wish.)"

--Vikharenko to the Raccoon

Vikharenko was born in a small village or town somewhere in the Caucasus Mountains in Russia. His father was a Russian soldier who fought against Chechnyan rebels, but was killed. After his father's death, Vikharenko took to arms dealing as a way to make easy money, since he was poor at the time. Soon his arms enterprise was amongst the most successful in southern Russia.


During the events of Warfront, Vikharenko has a residence in Cuba, where he now runs contracts in the area, especially amongst cartels from Mexico. He meets with Sergio Valdez, a Mexican cartel kingpin who is trying to collect debts from one of his best associates, Emiliano Torres, who is suspected of taking adventage of his contracts. Vikharenko then arranges an agreement with Valdez and implies that he targets Emiliano's family as compensation for the debts.

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